STATS Mk1 Mk2 Mk3 Mk4
Heat Capacity: 1132 1235 1304 1339
Handling: 240 251 274 308
Purge Cooldown: 36 41 50 63
Energy Regen: 22 23 26 29
Avg. Resist: 5.16 5.33 5.66 6.5
Protection: 19 20 21 23
In-Game Description
When the gunship boosts, plasma is funnelled to secondary exhaust ports which further increases the gunship's handling.

Velocity: HandlingEdit

Increases Handling while boosting.

Mk1: Handling +195
Mk2: Handling +218
Mk3: Handling +263
Mk4: Handling +323

Design Notes

The "Velocity: Handling" trait can be very helpful to run away, allowing to perform risky high-wire acts with terrain features more easily.
It does require some practice to pull off, so I strongly suggest doing so in single player practice matches and just continually boost through terrain with this trait.
After some practice, you'll be surprised of what you will pull off in real games afterwards ;)