God Factory: Wingmen Wiki

The Currency

In GoD Factory: Wingmen, the universal currency is called Credits.
Credits are awarded in 3 different ways through the game:

1- A considerable amount of Credits can be gained by completing all tutorial steps (around 10,000 Credits);
2- A huge amount of credits can be gained by unlocking Achievements (around 100,000 Credits!);
3- Credits are awarded to each players after each match.

Match Rewards

Score is used to determine how much Credits and Mastery points are awarded to the player at the end of each game:

Mastery points = Score divided by the number of parts for both gunships
Credits = S*(1-(0.1C-0.1A))
(In case of a loss, it's only one half of that amount)

S= Score earned in the match
C= The Highest Gunship Class of your two ships
A= The Average Gunship Class of the enemies' highest Gunship Classes

Credits can be used to buy Gunship Parts you have access to, which includes:
- Gunship Parts you unlocked in the progression tree of each species;
- Parts' unlocked higher marks, which are more powerful version of the same part.

The Shop

The shop is the tab allowing you to buy parts in the game.
This is where you go to spend your Credits.

For more details about unlocking new Gunship Parts, see the Progression System section.