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GoD Factory: Wingmen is a team based competitive space combat simulator in which the goal is to destroy the enemy’s carrier ship while protecting your own. The game features a very extensive ship customization system, in which ship are built component by component by selecting different bodies, cockpits, wings, thrusters, power cores, shield generators, Devices, add ons, main computers, weapon control units main weapons and wing weapons. These parts affect both the look at capacities of your craft, allowing the player to craft a ship that fits the role he wants to play in a fight. There will be four playable species at launch, each having their own unique ship parts and abilities.

Players get to build their ships by spending credits they earned by playing matches, building up their ship so that they get incrementally better as they play. While in matches, the player brings two different ships to the fight and can alternate between them during a match, allowing for more versatility. These ships can also be swapped around with other players while in-game, should they accept to share them with you.

In order to destroy a carrier ship, which happens to be a 13 kilometers long structure, the players have to cooperate to take out its vulnerable points. Every vulnerable area has a different negative effect when destroyed. For instance, destroying the ammo depot will reduce the amount of ammo restocked when docking, while destroying the Comm tower will cut out most alerts the players would receive when their carrier’s weak points suffer damage, and so on. The carriers themselves also have their own artillery which shoots every once in a while, ensuring that the game can’t stall for long. The average length of a match is between 10 and 20 minutes, and it is impossible for a match to go over 30 minutes.

Where can I get the game?


You can buy the game on STEAM

There is no "Pay to Win" in GoD Factory: Wingmen, only a legit and fun progression system;
You buy the game and play it as much as you want, like any game should be !!!
Gunship Parts added in later Patches or DLCs will be meticulously balanced and will add diversity and not "Raw Power".



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