God Factory: Wingmen Wiki

The Hangar is where you build and customize your Gunships.
This is where you see your collections of gunship parts and where you'll spend a lot of time metagaming ;)

Hangar Cool

There's a total of 12 kinds of gunship parts: Hull, Cockpit, Wings, Thrusters, Power Core, Shield Generator, Main Computer (CPU), Weapon Control Unit (WCU), Species Device, Add-On, Main Weapon & Wing Weapon.


The Body determines how much Weight your gunship will be able to support.


The Cockpit determines how much Heat your gunship will be able to support.


The Wings are the most determining piece when it comes to Speed and Handling and will decide if you can equip one of two wing weapons.


The Thrusters determines the gunship's Speed and Boost Speed.

Power Core

The Power Core determines how much Power your gunship will be able to support.
It also define how much Energy your gunship will have and how fast it will regenerate its Energy.

Shield Generator

The Shield Generator determines how much Shields your gunship has and how fast it will recharge its Shields while docked.

Main Computer (CPU)

The Main Computer determines the refresh rate of your Specie's Ability, Add-On and Purge.

Weapon Control Unit (WCU)

The Weapon Control Unit determines and modifies the Targeting Area, Targeting Range and Locking Speed of your weapons.


Your Device determines what is your Specie's Ability.
Those tend to allow very specific behavious and game defining effects.

Add-On (optional)

Add-Ons can take many forms. It may be Supplies to replenish Shields/Energy/Ammos, Hacking Bots, Carrier Commands, Sabotage Devices, Stealth Devices, Optimisation Programs, Quantum Hooks or Sentries.

Main Weapon

This is your mandatory weapon. It has long lifespan and tend being more true to its Specie.

Wing Weapons (optional)

These are less expensive weapons which has much less Ammo Lifespan than Main Weapons.
Every gunship can equip one, but some pairs of wings allow taking 2. You have to switch active Wing Weapons to shoot with either.