STATS Mk1 Mk2 Mk3 Mk4
Weight Capacity: 1009 1101 1162 1193
Speed: 360 376 411 511
Avg. Resist: 6.33 6.33 6.66 6.66
Protection: 10 10 11 11
Built to be the base of fast human gunships, this light body's frailty is compensated by its high speed.

Design Notes

This body is the base for the fastest human ships. Building your gunship with this starting point allow to reach the highest Speed stat possible in the game, at a point you won't even need to boost anymore. It takes only 3 drifted Forward Dash maneuvers when you have a Speed of 1300 or more to cover the distances between the carrier. Beware though, because colliding with such Speeds can inflict up to 1000 points of damage to your frail human ship.

Other parts specialized in Speed available to human gunships:

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