God Factory: Wingmen Wiki

The goal of the game is to be the first team to take down the enemy's Carrier Ship.
To do so, you must destroy Carrier Parts.
Each Carrier Ship has 7 Integrity Points, and each time a Carrier Part is destroyed, they lose one.
Each destroyed Carrier Part is worth 1 integrity point, until the enemy Carrier Ship loses a total of 7.
At a regular interval, your carrier ship's cannon will shoot the enemy carrier ship, making it lose 1 integrity point.
This serves of limiting the game length so it will never last more than 20-30 minutes.

Each player brings 2 customized gunships to the fight. Each time a player goes out, he must manage his ammunitions and shield and go back to his carrier when running low on either or both.
Docking instantly replenish all your ammunitions, but only by leaving the ship in the dock will make it recover its shield, normally by switching to your other ship if it is still available.

To avoid the "Die and Respawn" kind of gameplay, everything in GoD Factory: Wingmen is long to take down and takes concerted effort to attack (also encouraging teamplay).
The game allows to get away from fights quite easily, your shield being more of a ressource you have to manage since healing is very progressive.
You may be forced to play with damaged ships at some point because you didn't manage your shield well enough, or simply took too much damage in each run.

You always have access to a minimum of 2 ships. If one of your gunship is wrecked, it is replaced with a drone, a low-quality ship from the same species.
Should this ship be destroyed, it is simply replaced with another identical drone of the same species.

Destroying the other players is not crucial to achieve victory, doing so is more a way to slow down the opposing team.

Finally, each carrier part destroyed applies a penalty to the opposing team as described here.