God Factory: Wingmen Wiki

Locking more than one Target[]

Many weapons allow locking multiple targets at the same time.

Note that there are 3 different ways weapons can perform multiple locking:


These weapons will treat every single target independantly, locking as if multiple ships were shooting each one of these targets, and spending ammo for each individual shot accordingly.
Since these locking systems are more advanced, they almost always use a "Lock Reset" targeting system.


These weapons always shoot the same amount of projectiles and use the same amount of ammunition per shot, but its projectiles will be split and allocated evenly between every locked target.


These weapons always shoot its full potential on all locked target WITHOUT taking more ammunition to do so.


These weapons's shots explode, damaging any potential targets in proximity of the original target.
When those weapons are fired at forcefields, the blast WILL damage the part protected behind it.
Beware though, blasts' colateral victims only receives 70% of the weapon's damage, making it more efficient directly shooting a target you want to take down as fast as possible.

Chain Attacks[]

These weapons' shots will jump to the next closest target after each victim, up to 3 times.
Each additional target only takes 80% of the original attack's damage.