God Factory: Wingmen Wiki

Here's the list of all things bad that can influence your ship's performances.
These Negative Effects can be removed by using the Purge.

Shield Leak

The Shield is damaged over time.
10 Damage per seconds for 20 seconds.

Energy Leak

Energy is loss over time.
40 Energy per seconds for 5 seconds.

Ammo Burn

Increase the amount of ammunition spent by firing.
Ammunition depletes twice as fast for 15 Secs.


Decreases resistance to every basic damage types.
Resistances reduced by 20% for 10 Secs.


Reduce the max turning speed.
60% less Handling for 10 Secs.


Reduces Speed and Boost Speed by lowering the thrusters' power.
40% Less Speed & Boost for 10 Secs.


Cuts all velocity in an instant.
Stops for 1 Sec.


Cancels the next manoeuvre or ability, but still spends the energy/cooldown associated with the action.
Cancels one actions in the upcoming 20 seconds.

Shield Burst

Transfers some damage done to the gunship to every nearby allied gunship, carrier parts & turrets.
During 15 seconds, 20% of all damage received is applied on allies within a radius of 100 units.
Damage transferred cannot be resisted.

Radar Jam

Offscreen players' indicators and positions in the minimap cease to be displayed.
Duration: 15 Seconds.