STATS Mk1 Mk2 Mk3 Mk4
Weight Capacity: 1192 1261 1307 1330
Speed: 50 60 70 70
Avg. Resist: 12.83 13.16 14 17
Protection: 6 7 7 7
This is the best backbone for tough gunships with its high resistances and weight capacity, but this massive body is severely lacking in speed.

Design Notes

This body will allow to build a much more resilient human gunship than the average, but will cut your speed considerably, making it very hard to reach above 1000, where the Forward Dash maneuver becomes really amazing for human ships. Also being really heat demanding, it clashes with many high-dps weapons, making it harder to build endgame damaging or fast ship with this body. The extra resistances are really worth the drawbacks though.

This part is also often use to simply compensate for the human's low resistances, but doing so make it very hard to reach top speeds.

Other parts specialized in Resistances available to human gunships:

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